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7 Reasons Why LoEstro’s Offsites are LIT!

1. “Goa Plans” get cancelled, so we do International ! 🌏

Our 94546544th attempt at offsiteWe’re the kind of group that spend hours arguing over where to go for our offsite, and then just wings it once we get there. Who needs a plan when you’ve got alcohol? Btw, we made it to Singapore

2. Practice well being with Alcohol 🍻

More of Alcohol and Less of Jargans!Payal was on a liquid diet throughout our 4 day long trip 🙌. Acquire skills 101 to live on 94876241 DAD (drinks a day)!

3. Slay your banker vibe in every style 💸

Slay! Slay! Slay!Rakesh’s polo t-shirt travelled from client meetings to Singapore’s beach ! 👕

4. Travel with Human Calendars ⏰

Demo to how our clients are chased for dataRakesh & Payal nudged us throughout the trip, reminding us that you can take the banker out of investment banking but not investment banking out of a banker ! You will never miss out anything unplanned 🙊

5. Apart from six figure bonuses, what else screams “Investment Banker?” 🚤

Yachting! am I right or am I right?We whispered “investment banking” by being woefully dressed for it. At the sea, Rakesh rediscovered his long forgotten national level swimming talent, while Payal & Bibek took their chances at being Kayak Moguls! Who needs a job in finance when you can become a kayak mogul / Olympic swimmer?

6. Gang-up against towering figures 🗼

How’s weather up there, Aditya?Rakesh and other women of the team do not like the height difference anymore. We have concluded that we are unfriendly to >5.5 ft. We might not be able to touch the ceiling, but we can touch your heart (Or your wallet, if you’re a client)

7. Optimize on FOMO 👽

Sleep >>>>>> pool, beaches, Universal StudioWe may have missed out on some thrilling places, but we gained so much more — Payal’s killer tan, Bibek’s toned abs, Rakesh’s shining “na-kesh.” Who needs rollercoasters when you can be a human dolphin 🐬

Our trip was like a buffet of epic proportions — we danced like there was no tomorrow, we ate like we were bottomless pits, and we drank like…well, like investment bankers. It was a trip that none of us will ever forget, and we all took home our own little slices of heaven — whether it was a new friend, a newfound appreciation for a certain type of cuisine, or simply a hangover that lasted for days. But hey, that’s the price you pay for a buffet this good.!

Stay Tuned till we celebrate Rakesh’s 88th Birthday on our next Offsite ! 🙊