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Education in 2023: Key Trends

Source: Pixabay (AI generated)

From the bustling expansion of preschools to the evolving landscape of higher education and the digital revolution spearheaded by EdTech, our annual education report offers a concise overview of key developments defining the educational narrative.


Expansion Boom: Witnessing rapid growth, both international and domestic players are set to establish over 200 preschools in the coming years.


Investor Interes: Kedaara’s stake acquisition in Orchid highlights the attractiveness of the K12 market for institutional investors.Global Players: International school groups like GSF plan to invest over $550 million by 2026, reflecting the global interest in the Indian K12 sector.Growth Drivers: Factors such as revenue growth and increasing admissions contribute to a positive outlook for the future of K12 education.

Higher Ed:

Alternative MBAs: Alternative MBAs gain traction, offering high returns on investment for candidates.Internationalisation: Nine foreign universities are set to open campuses in India by 2025, reflecting a trend towards internationalization.Liberalization: The expansion of undergraduate entry options and recognition of foreign degrees in regulations mark a significant shift in higher education.


Gen AI Integration: EdTech companies are leveraging the potential of Generation AI, with Indian companies making strides in the B2C segment.Study Abroad Financing: Study abroad financing witnesses a fourfold increase, capturing 45% of EdTech’s total funding.Phygital Transition: EdTech companies anticipate offline impact and are transitioning to a phygital model, blending physical and digital educational experiences.

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PS: Our cover image, created by Gen AI, stands as a testament to Gen AI’s potential, not only in education but across diverse industries.